Terms of Use

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  1. Preamble

Welcome to VintageIreland.eu (hereafter “the website” or “the site”). The following terms of use apply to any person who accesses or uses the website for any reason whatsoever, including in a purchasing capacity (“visitor”, “customer”, “consumer”, “buyer”, or “you”), whether on their own behalf or acting with the authority of another party. Additional terms apply to those using the website or its services in a selling/trading capacity (“trader”, “vendor”, or “seller”) which can be viewed here. For the purposes of this document, both customers and traders are considered “users” of the website.


The services provided by the website will allow visitors to:

  1. Browse items offered for sale by private or commercial traders. These items may include antique or vintage items, along with certain artworks and traditional collectables, including but not limited to collectable coins and other currency, stamps, postcards and limited-edition works;
  2. Interact with traders in relation to the purchase of those items;
  3. Purchase and pay for items through a third-party payment service, such as Stripe;
  4. Forward product listings or vendor pages to other persons;
  5. Receive emails as part of the automated service notifying customers of updates in relation to their purchases, payments, deliveries or related transactions;
  6. Receive emails from traders or website admins in response to their enquiries, reviews or other interaction on/with the website;
  7. Receive emails from the website administration where we feel it necessary to make announcements about the website or its function;
  8. Browse information related to our offline events (https://vintageireland.eu/events);
  9. Subscribe to newsletters or text bulletins concerning our business activities, including our offline events;
  10. In addition, the website may allow customers to register a customer accounts, in which case, the customer may be able to:
    1. store name, address and/or contact information for future purchases/deliveries
    2. review traders after making a purchase
    3. to receive notifications of new stock and other updates from traders whose accounts they subscribe to (“follow”).

VintageIreland.eu is owned and operated by AFI Antiques Fairs Ireland, also known by the brand name Vintage Ireland (the words “we”, “us” or “our” throughout this document refer to AFI Antiques Fairs Ireland). We are registered in the Republic of Ireland (reg. company number 579703) and can be contacted via post at Antiques Fairs Ireland, P.O. Box 103, Whitemill Industrial Estate, Wexford, Ireland.

We reserve the right to modify and/or update these terms of use at any time. Once posted to the site, any such changes will take immediate effect.


  1. Prerequisites

Customers must be deemed capable of entering into a sales agreement and of consenting to these Terms of Use, in accordance with relevant legislation and policy in the Republic of Ireland. To receive delivery of goods, customers’ shipping addresses must be in Ireland or Northern Ireland; this does not affect the rights of users outside this area to browse the website. By using the site, you agree that you have the capacity, authority and right to enter into these terms of use.

Acting in good faith, you agree to comply with the spirit of the terms of use, and of our policies, as well as the letter.


  1. Consent

Consent to Terms of Use

Using the site implies the acceptance of these terms of use, so please read them carefully and ensure you understand them. If you do not agree with any of these terms or any policy of AFI Antiques Fairs or its brands or subsidiaries, you may not use the website. Violation of the terms may result in the refusal of any future services, as well as the deactivation or deletion of your customer profile, if any. This judgement will be at our sole discretion.

Consent to Communications

In order to provide you with the services and functions of the website, we may need to communicate with you either via email or the other contact details that you provide to us. You agree to receive communications which are necessary for the normal and proper functioning of the website, including emails informing users about functionality of the website and emails concerning your transactions, reviews or enquiries. When you make a purchase or initiate an interaction with any trader, you agree to receive communication from that trader which may be necessary to process your purchase or respond to your queries or comments. Where the site may allow you to “follow” a trader and receive updates regarding their stock, you consent to receiving these updates when you choose to “follow” the selected trader.

Should you choose to subscribe to email newsletters, SMS text alerts or other communications concerning our business activities, including our offline events, whether you do so via the website or through any other means, you may also unsubscribe any time by:

  1. Clicking the “Unsubscribe” link found in the footer of an email newsletter you receive from us;
  2. Communicating to us in writing via email or the website’s contact form and asking to be removed from our email newsletters (you will need to supply your email address to enable us to cancel your subscription);
  3. Communicating to us in writing via email or the website’s contact form and asking to be removed from our text alerts (you will need to supply your phone number to enable us to remove you from this list);
  4. Replying to a text SMS alert with any standard phrase (e.g. “opt-out”, “stop”, “unsubscribe”) or a clearly worded request to stop receiving these alerts;

Should any of these methods of communication fail for any reason, we request that you contact us again via another listed method of communication and repeat the request. We are not liable for the failure of any technological device or third-party service beyond our control; however, we have no wish to send unwanted communications and will oblige with any such request we receive.


  1. Personal Details

Purchasing items requires registering some of your information with the site. This may involve entering your full name, email address, delivery address, billing address if different from delivery address, and telephone number, as well as your business name if applicable. All information supplied must be complete, accurate and within your rights to share.

This information will be made visible to any trader(s) you purchase items from, in order to facilitate them in fulfilling your order. In addition, this information will be visible to the administration of the website (employees and/or contractors of AFI Antiques Fairs Ireland). This information may be stored locally on your own device via your browser’s cache, as well as being retained on the website as part of the record of your transaction(s). Where the website may allow you to create an account, this information may be saved as part of your customer profile.

We reserve the right to store copies of historical transaction data (older than 30 days) offline and/or in hardcopy format. From time to time, we may delete historical transaction and/or customer data from the website.



Registered users of our website, if any, will also need to create a secure password. It is your responsibility to keep this password safe. This includes a responsibility to ensure that you do not publish your password where it would be visible to others or enter it into any fraudulent or imposter website, or any other website purporting to be or offer services related to VintageIreland.eu.

You agree to inform us without delay if you suspect any unauthorised use of your account or compromises to your account security. We will not be liable for any harm or loss, howsoever incurred, which may arise as a result of someone else accessing or making use of your account, username or password, either with or without your knowledge. You may be liable for any harm or loss incurred by any other party as a result of someone else accessing or making use of your account or password if you have not taken reasonable steps to maintain the security of your account.

You may change or recover your password and many other details by following the instructions on the website.

We do not sell or knowingly distribute any information related to your account to any third party, except that information which is required in order to provide you with the services of the website (e.g. referring your purchases through a reputable third-party service specialising in processing secure online payments). If you believe your information has been compromised in any way, please report it without delay. Further information can be found within our Privacy Policy.


Prohibited Email Addresses, Names and Business Names:

You may not enter an email address, name or business name which:

  1. Contains “VintageIreland”, “Vintage Ireland”, “AFI”, “Antiques Fairs Ireland”, Antique Fairs Ireland” or otherwise misrepresents your relationship with us or any other party;
  2. Is likely to cause offence, contains any profanity or vulgarity, promotes any illegal activity, promotes or campaigns for any particular political party;
  3. Constitutes copyright infringement or violates any trademark or proprietary right;
  4. Impersonates or misleadingly parodies any other person or organisation;

We reserve the right to deactivate or delete accounts that do not comply with these or any of the terms of use.


  1. Buying/Selling and Interaction

Your interactions with traders, other users or contacts made through our services, including payment and delivery of goods or services, and any terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such transactions, are solely between you and the other party/parties. It is your responsibility to take appropriate measures to ensure you are satisfied with the item you intend to purchase, the price of that item, any associated shipping fees, payment methods, product photographs, descriptions and delivery methods.

We reserve the right to monitor or to intervene in transactions or disputes between users; however, we have no obligation to do so and accept no responsibility or liability for transactions that take place on or arise from the website. We therefore equally reserve the right to refrain from becoming involved in any transaction or dispute arising from use of the website or our services.

In all financial transactions and any online interaction, we encourage you to use caution, always consider your own safety and interests, and use good judgement. In particular, we suggest that you exercise caution when providing personal or identifying information about yourself on this or any website. Always bear in mind the potential ramifications of disclosing or publicly publishing information which is or may become visible to other parties, including search engines, prospective or current employers and so on.

When traders and customers engage in transactions, information such as usernames, email addresses, postal addresses and other contact information may be automatically shared by the website in order to carry out the transaction. You acknowledge that we cannot ensure that other parties respect the privacy or security of those they interact with. Accordingly, we encourage you to exercise good judgement and caution when entering into a transaction with another party on this or any other site. In turn, you acknowledge your responsibility to respect and, as far as practicable, protect the security and privacy of others.  You agree to comply with all relevant data protection laws.

You agree that you shall not use (or facilitate any other party to use) any information obtained from the site in order to harass, threaten, intimidate, abuse or otherwise harm any other person. You also agree that you shall not use (or facilitate any other party to use) information obtained from the site in order to contact, advertise products/services to, solicit or sell to, any person without their prior express consent.

You are solely responsible for any and all material that you upload, publish or otherwise display on or through the website. You acknowledge that we will not be liable for any errors, omissions or misstatements posted or otherwise conveyed by you or any other user of the website, including customers and traders alike.

You acknowledge that we cannot guarantee and do not endorse the character of any other users with whom you may interact on the website or as a result of our services generally. Similarly, we cannot guarantee the veracity, relevance or quality of any information which any user may provide about themselves or any other matter.

  1. Deactivation or Deletion of Accounts & Denial of Services

We reserve the right to refuse services solely at our own discretion and without obligation to provide a reason. We reserve the right to deactivate or delete accounts that are inactive for an extended period. Similarly, we reserve the right to refuse services to and/or deactivate or delete accounts which:

  1. Violate any of our terms, conditions or policies, including those pertaining to other aspects of our business (such as offline events);
  2. Bring or are likely to bring the website or us into ill repute in any way
    1. Including where the account in question is the subject of complaint(s) by another user or users; this action on our behalf does not imply or seek to uphold the veracity of such complaints.

Deactivation or deletion of an account may extend to a denial of any or all services in the future, including being unable to re-register as a customer, or the complete suspension of an IP address, username or other user-identifying information. In the event that your account is removed or that you are denied future services, we will not be liable for any loss or harm incurred by you or any third party and, within the bounds of applicable law, we are not obliged to offer any refund or compensation.

It should be noted that traders using the site may also have the ability to deny future services to customers, independently of our site and this document. Where this occurs, we are not liable or responsible for their decision(s) or action(s), or for any loss or harm incurred by you or any third party as a result.

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulations, users can request that we delete any personally identifiable information we may hold. In some cases, we may be legally obliged to retain it to comply with our legal responsibilities.


  1. Use of the Site, Services and Content

You agree to use the website and its services as intended and with due consideration for its users and reputation.

You agree that you shall not (and shall not allow or aid any third party to):

  1. Remove, obscure or alter any proprietary rights notices contained in/on the website;
  2. Copy, modify or adapt, embed, reuse or reverse engineer any portion of the website, its services, its contents or its databases;
  3. Use any application, process or means to access, index or retrieve any restricted portion of the website, its content or connected servers, accounts or devices;
  4. Use your account, comments, reviews or other aspect of the site to advertise or promote other services or organisations;
  5. Use any portion of the website for the purposes of harassment, bullying, slander or other unwanted communication, including “spam”, surveys or unrelated promotions; in this context, “unrelated promotions” includes the promotion of businesses, events or other entities not registered on the site or associated with AFI Antiques Fairs Ireland, even if thematically similar (e.g. antiques events).
  6. Solicit passwords or confidential information of other users
  7. Identify or speculate as to the identity of any anonymous or pseudonymous user of the website;
  8. Impersonate any other party or organisation;
  9. Create multiple user accounts without valid reason in keeping with the intended purposes of the website, or create accounts by means of any automated process or application;
  10. Use the website or its services for the purposes of creating, adding to or populating any database.
  11. Use the website to compromise or violate the security of any other user or device, including transmitting any harmful application, software, viruses or links to same/similar;
  12. Interfere in any manner with the proper operation of the website or its services, including the use of any device, application or behaviour which interferes with the website in any harmful or disruptive manner;
  13. Abuse, harass, threaten or otherwise maliciously engage with any user, administrator or agent of the website, including discriminatory behaviour;
  14. Use or access the website or its services in any way which contravenes any applicable legislation, including laws and bylaws;
  15. Publish any material on the website which you do not have the authority and right to make available, whether to us or to any other party;
  16. Use any means of payment, such as a credit/debit card, which you do not have the right or authority to purchase;
  17. Publish or display any material which may be considered obscene, indecent, vulgar, offensive, defamatory or inciting hatred, violence or any illegal activity;
  18. Collect, store or analyse information about its users, except where strictly necessary for the fulfilment of your agreement with that individual or party;


We reserve the right, for any reason and without obligation to give either reason or notice, to remove, edit or entirely reject any material posted or published by you. Without obligation to do so, we nevertheless reserve the right to monitor, moderate, review and/or amend all content published on the site at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to act in our own interests and/or what we judge to be the interests of the website’s users when responding to a complaint or similar communication. This may include amendment or removal of content you have published or posted to the website or deactivation, deletion or suspension of an account. Accordingly, you acknowledge that any action taken in response to a complaint does not constitute an endorsement or restatement of the claims contained within the complaint and does not necessarily uphold or speculate as to the veracity or validity of the complaint or any claims therein.

To the fullest extent of the law, we expressly exclude our liability (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for any loss or harm arising out of access or denial of access to the website and/or its services or content. In addition, we expressly exclude our liability for any loss or harm arising out of access or use of the website and/or its services in any manner which contravenes these terms of use or our policies.


  1. Concerning Roles and Responsibilities

You acknowledge that, unless otherwise stated, we do not own or endorse any products, services or comments published on, or provided through, the site by any other party, nor are we liable for same in any way. Similarly, you acknowledge that VintageIreland.eu is not responsible for, and does not operate, endorse or control, any information or applications contained elsewhere on the internet. This may include information, products or services offered by third parties through our site. We expressly exclude our liability for the operation, security or control of such third-party services and products. You are therefore responsible for satisfying yourself as to the suitability and security of such services or products and your account(s) with them.

You also acknowledge that we do not guarantee that files available or accessible through or from the site will be free from infection or risk (including viruses, Trojan horses or other code that may exhibit harmful properties). You are therefore responsible for implementing sufficient security procedures to satisfy your security requirements. It is also your responsibility to maintain a means for the reconstruction of any data which may be lost or corrupted.

When using the website or its services, you must exercise your own judgement, independent of any information either present or absent from the website, in making any decision either to act or refrain from a given course of action. It is solely your own responsibility to review and evaluate the accuracy, completeness and relevance of all comments, descriptions, advice, opinions or other information provided through the website or the internet more broadly.

We reserve the right to cease, suspend or alter any aspect or feature of the site or its services at any time and without notice or liability.

It should be noted that the website may, from time to time, be subject to maintenance or updates, which may or may not be scheduled in advanced, during which time it may be partly or wholly inaccessible to some or all users; similarly, services which the website relies upon for its proper or normal functioning may be interrupted, updated, suspended or otherwise altered. In either case, you agree that we are not liable for any alteration or interruption of service or any harm or loss arising therefrom. In addition, as far as is permissible within the bounds of relevant law, you agree that we are not responsible or liable for any loss or harm arising from any failure or delay to carry out maintenance, updates or other alterations. It is also your responsibility to maintain a means for the reconstruction of any data which may be lost or corrupted, whether due to maintenance, updates, deletion or any other cause.

It is the responsibility of each user to create, store and maintain accurate records of their transactions, and users should not rely on the website to create, store or maintain this information on behalf of any user, including traders and customers alike. Equally, it is your responsibility to “back-up” and securely store any data which you input or retrieve from the website as far as is allowed within data protection regulations and other legislation.


  1. Third-Party Disputes

You agree to inform us without delay if any person makes or threatens to make any claim or issue legal proceedings against you relating to your use of the website and/or our services. Should we request it, you will immediately cease and desist the act complained of or remove the content at issue. Should we request it, you agree to confirm the details of the claim in writing. If you fail to maintain your agreement in this regard, we reserve the right to take any and all appropriate action.


  1. Payment for Purchases

Purchases conducted through the site and its online checkout are processed through a third-party site specialising in secure online payments. It is your responsibility to ensure you are satisfied using this service. We expressly reject any liability for any harm or loss arising through the use of this third-party service. Any agreement you choose to make with a trader or other user regarding payment through any other means is entirely at your own risk; however, we encourage you to use a method provided by a reputable service-provider, such as that utilised on the site.


  1. Violation of the Terms, Conditions and/or Policies

Failure to comply with the terms of use and/or relevant policies may result in:

  1. Immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of a user’s right to use the website and/or our services either on- or offline;
  2. Immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any listing, material or other content uploaded or published to the website by the user;
  3. Issue of a private or public (via the website) warning to user;
  4. Limitation or restriction being placed upon the user’s account, its rights, privileges or permissions;
  5. Initiation of legal proceedings against the user for reimbursement of any and all costs or damages arising from the violation, on a full indemnity basis, including, but not limited to, administrative and legal costs;
  6. Other legal action against the user;
  7. Disclosure to law enforcement authorities of such information as we reasonably feel is necessary.
  8. Any other action we reasonably deem appropriate to the specific circumstances in question;

We expressly exclude any liability for actions taken in response to breaches of the terms of use.


  1. Content Rights and Intellectual Property Rights

Content Rights

By publishing or publicly displaying content to the website, you grant to us (and warrant that you have the right to grant) an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, fully sub-licensable, fully paid up, worldwide license to use, copy, publicly and digitally display and distribute that content. This licence is non-exclusive; however, you agree that we shall have the exclusive right to exercise this license in combining your content with that of other users for the purposes of advertising the website and its services; this may include but is not limited to communications made in the form of reviews.. You acknowledge that this licence allows us to reformat, edit, excerpt, or translate any materials you may submit.

Intellectual Property Rights

VintageIreland.eu, its services and its content (including, but not limited to, text, images, photographs, graphics, video and audio materials) are protected by copyright as works, databases, collective works and/or compilations under copyright law within Ireland, Northern Ireland and other countries. 

All individual item listings, website pages, content and other elements comprising the website are also copyrighted works. Except for the content published by traders/vendors or other users (“user-generated content”), all intellectual property rights (including copyright, design rights and trademarks) in/on the website are owned by us, unless otherwise stated. You acknowledge that the website and its services constitute our property and proprietary information and should be respected as such. Except where it is expressly stated within these terms or within express written permission from us, we reserve all rights concerning this intellectual property for our benefit.

To the extent you may have any moral rights in any user-generated content, you confirm and agree that:

  1. You do not require that any personally identifying information be used in connection with the content or any upgrades, updates or derivative works of that content;
  2. You have no objection to the publication, use, modification, deletion and exploitation of the content by us or our licensees, agents, successors and/or assigns;
  3. You forever waive any claim upon, and agree not to assert any entitlement to, any and all moral rights of an author in any aspect of the content;
  4. You forever release us, and our licensees, agents, successors and/or assigns, from any claims that you could otherwise assert against us by virtue of such moral rights.

All product/service names referred to on the website are the trademarks of their respective owners, and other trademarks may be displayed on the website. Some material on the website may display information which itself contains the intellectual property of a third party. Nothing displayed on the website should be construed as granting you any licence or right to use any logo, information or trademark displayed on it, without the express written permission of the relevant owner.

You may draw the attention of others to material posted on the website, provided you do so in a fair and legal manner that gives appropriate credit to this website as the source of the material and does in any manner constitute misrepresentation or potentially harm our reputation or that of any user. Similarly, you must not modify any copies of any materials you have printed off or downloaded from the website, whether hardcopy or digital, and you must not use any illustration, graphics or other images separately from the accompanying text.

You agree that you will always acknowledge our status (and that of any partner, agent, advertiser or third party identified on the website) as the authors of the website’s contents, excluding user-generated content where appropriate. You must not use any part of the content on the website for commercial purposes without obtaining a licence or express written permission from us to do so.


  1. Linking to/from the Website

Links to the Website

You may link to the site, provided you do so in a way that is both fair and legal and does not negatively impact upon our reputation or take advantage of it. However, you must not do so in such a way as to suggest any form of association, endorsement, approval or sponsorship on our part without our express written permission or in order to directly compete with the website and/or redirect traffic from it. You must not establish a link to or from this website by any means that may be considered “spam”.

We reserve the right to withdraw this linking permission at any time without notice. Neither the website nor any constituent part may be embedded or framed in any other website, nor may it be in any way altered or displayed in a manner different to that in which we display it.

Please contact us if you wish to make any use of the website or its contents other than in the manner permitted by these terms of use including as set out above.

Links from the Website

The website contains links to other websites and resources provided by other websites and third parties. We have no control over the content or operation of those websites or resources, and we accept no liability for them or for any losses or damage that may arise from your use of them or exposure to their contents. If you visit any such websites, you leave this website and do so entirely at your own risk.


  1. Disclaimer of Liability

The website and its services are provided ‘as is’. The contents and any other material displayed on the website are provided without any guarantee or warranty as to its accuracy. To the extent permitted by law, we expressly exclude:

  1. all conditions, liabilities, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied or inferred whether by statute, common law or the law of equity;
  2. any liability for any loss of revenue, income, business, profits or contracts, loss of anticipated income or savings, loss of goodwill, loss of data, lost or wasted time and for any other loss or damage of any kind, howsoever caused, along with any direct or any indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by any user connected with or related to the website and/or its services, use, inability to use, or results of the use of the website and/or its services, any websites linked to it and any materials posted on it however arising and whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, even where foreseeable.

Nothing in this agreement shall exclude or limit our liability in relation to any liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

You agree that we are not liable for any failure to perform any of our obligations under this agreement caused by matters beyond our reasonable control.


  1. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify and keep VintageIreland.eu, our holding company and subsidiaries (as set out in the Companies Act 2014) and our and their respective officers, agents or employees, directors, shareholders, licensors and suppliers (each an “indemnified person”) indemnified on demand from and against all judgments, awards, fines, penalties, settlements, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable legal, accounting or other professional services fees) incurred or suffered by an indemnified person and arising out of or in connection with any of the following:

  1. any breach of this agreement;
  2. your access to or use of the website, its content or services in a manner that infringes or is alleged to infringe any applicable law or the rights (including, without limitation, the intellectual property or privacy rights) of any other entity or person.


  1. Privacy Policy and Cookies

To see how we collect, protect, process and use your data, please review our Privacy Policy.  The website also uses cookies, and by using the website you agree to the placement of those cookies.

We are not responsible for the content or the privacy or cookie policies of external websites which may be linked to via this site.


  1. Governing Law, Jurisdiction

This agreement, and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with your use of the site or the agreement itself are governed by, and in accordance with, Irish law. The courts of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear, settle and determine any dispute which may arise out of or in connection with use of the site or this agreement; however, we retain the right to bring proceedings against you in your country of residence or any other court of competent jurisdiction.


  1. Severability

If the whole or any part of a provision of this agreement is or becomes void, illegal, invalid or unenforceable under the law of any jurisdiction, it shall neither affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remainder of that or any other provision under the law of that jurisdiction nor affect the legality, validity or enforceability of that or any other provision of this agreement under the law of any other jurisdiction.


  1. Waiver, Rights Cumulative

Failure or delay to exercise a right or remedy provided either by this agreement or by law does not constitute a waiver of that or any other rights or remedy. No single or partial exercise of any right or remedy provided by this agreement or by law excludes further exercise of that right or remedy or the exercise of another right or remedy. The rights and remedies contained in this agreement are cumulative and not exclusive of rights or remedies provided by law.


  1. Assignment and Entire Agreement

We may assign or subcontract any or all of our rights and obligations under this agreement with you to a third party at any time, at our discretion and without liability. Without prior written consent, you may not assign or dispose of any of your rights or obligations arising under this agreement.

As a result, by agreeing to these terms, you are also agreeing to the transfer, by means of novation, of all rights and obligations described herein.

These Terms of Use supersede any and all prior agreements, arrangements, statements and/or understandings. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between any policy and the terms of use, then the terms of use shall take priority.

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