Exhibition Terms & Conditions
By booking a stand at any of our events, standholders and their employees/assistants agree to the following terms and conditions:

1.  While there is no dateline for exhibits, each standholder must ensure that only genuine antique, vintage and/or collector’s items are displayed and offered for sale on their stand. Modern-made items, including reproductions (“Repro”) and “vintage style” fashions, are not permitted. All exhibits must be genuine and as described. If in doubt, please ask before booking. The organisers reserve the right to order the removal of any individual item from display or the removal of an entire stand.

2. It is the responsibility of standholders to ensure that all items exhibited by them are fully and verifiably in line with current legislation (e.g. CITES Appendices), including animal specimens or derivatives, militaria etc. The organiser accepts no responsibility where a standholder fails to comply with legislation but reserves the right to order the removal of any item(s) from display where the legality of same is brought into question and/or cannot be verified.

3.  No stand may be shared or re-let without prior agreement with the organisers.

4.  Stand rental includes the hire of trestle table(s) and seating for a maximum of 2 persons 1 person per stand (during Covid-19 restrictions). If using tables, exhibitors must provide their own tablecloths. You may also bring additional lighting and extension leads, if required. In order to avoid circuit overload, power points may be used for low-wattage lighting only (it is now possible to buy CFL or LED bulbs for all sizes of halogen spotlight). The use of electricity points to boil a kettle, either in the exhibition hall or ancillary rooms, is prohibited.

5.  Tables and aisles are laid out in accordance with fire safety regulations; tables must not be moved. Similarly, aisles must not be obstructed and all goods and display equipment must be kept within the confines of the space allocated to you.

6.  Only exhibitors are allowed into the room before the fair opens to the public. Stands must be fully set up by the time the fair opens and must remain “open for business” until the official closing time (generally 6pm). Please note that loading doors must not be opened before the official closing time, except in cases of emergency. This is a matter concerning the security of all standholders, and consideration for fellow exhibitors should be shown accordingly.

7.  Stands are allocated on a first-come basis, on receipt of payment. No stand can be guaranteed before payment is received and a receipt issued. The organisers reserve the right to cancel any booking up to and including the date of the fair. In this event, booking fees (or relevant part thereof) will be refunded; however, the organisers will not be liable for any losses suffered by the exhibitor or others.

8.  Bookings made by telephone, email, etc. are an expression of intent to purchase and should be treated as such. Should you cancel a booking, a cancellation fee will apply and this may amount to the value of the stand booked.

9.  Walls and fixtures must not be damaged or marked in any way. Neither signs nor other materials may be affixed to walls or fixtures as this is a standard stipulation of venue-hire contracts which the organisers must honour. However, you may be held liable for any restitution claimed by the venue if this condition is breached. We would also ask that you place any rubbish you may generate throughout the day into a bag at the close of the day, rather than leaving it on the floor, out of respect for the venue and staff.

 10.  The exhibitor is responsible for insuring their property and advised to keep valuable items in locked display cases. Neither the organisers nor venue will be liable for loss, damage or theft of exhibits or personal property, nor for any consequential loss, howsoever caused. At all times, the exhibitor must satisfy themselves that the stand in its entirety, including all surfaces used for display and any equipment provided by the venue or organisers, is safe and serviceable. Please check that tables are capable of bearing the weight of any items placed thereon, and are safely erected with the legs secured in place.

Finally, we request that standholders engage respectfully with all staff, members of the public and fellow exhibitors. Failure to do so may result in the organiser exercising the right to cancel or refuse a booking.

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