Become a Standholder: FAQ

Would my stock be suitable for these events?

For single items and small collections, we advise you to enquire with your local auctioneers.

Rather than rely entirely on a fixed dateline for exhibits, we prefer to focus on the theme of our events. In keeping with the antiques and vintage theme, each standholder must ensure that only genuine antique, vintage and/or collector’s items are displayed and offered for sale on their stand.

This means that modern-made items, reproduction items (“Repro”), and “vintage style” fashions, are not permitted. All exhibits must be genuine and as described. If in doubt, please ask before booking.

Do I need to be a business owner or have any special qualifications?

All you really need is a passion for antique, vintage or collector’s items. Our exhibitors include antiques shop owners, jewellers and gemologists, coin and currency specialists, members of the IADA, archeologists, vintage fashion specialists, graduates of art history and design, lifelong collectors, magpies, amateur history buffs and passionate bibliophiles!

Regardless of what first sparked their interest in antique, vintage and/or collector’s items, they have gathered vast amounts of knowledge about the areas they particularly love and have learned from one another about other items through years of experience, trading and collecting. In each case, what they have in common is the passion that first inspired them to get involved.

What is included if I book a stand?

Stand rental includes the hire of trestle table(s) and seating for a maximum of 2 persons per stand. If using tables, exhibitors must provide their own tablecloths, and we generally advise good quality, plain white as the best colour and style.

When you book a stand, your designated space includes the table(s) and the space immediately behind the table(s), or in the case of wall stands, all the space behind or enclosed by the table(s); please see the images below for an example. You may not affix anything to the walls or windows of a venue, as this is strictly prohibited by the venues themselves. The space in front of the table(s) is part of the aisle and should be left clear for fair-goers.

Stands are generally supplied with electricity at all indoor events. You may also bring additional lighting, if required, and it’s a good idea to bring a short extension lead for your own convenience. In order to avoid circuit overload, power points may be used for low-wattage lighting only (it is now possible to buy CFL or LED bulbs for all sizes of halogen spotlight). The use of electricity points to boil a kettle or similar appliances, either in the exhibition hall or ancillary rooms, is strictly prohibited.

As mentioned above, we ask that you supply your own tablecloths which must clean and presentable, preferably one solid colour and ideally, white. Tablecloths should cover the entire surface of the table(s) and reach more or less to the floor.


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What if I bring my own tables?

Generally speaking, although stand rental includes the hire of trestle table(s),  and the main asset being rented is the actual space being used to exhibit your stock. In other words, the equivalent space without tables will generally cost the same to rent as no other exhibitor can then rent or use that same space for that event.

What about clothing rails?

As in the previous section, we’re primarily concerned with the amount of space being rented as we can’t then rent that space to any other exhibitor for the same event. As a result, space for a 6ft rail is priced the same as a 6ft table, although stands do not generally include rails and traders generally supply their own where appropriate.

How much space can I book?

Our stand sizes begin with a single 6ft table (which may be either 2-2.5ft wide, depending on the venue). The next largest stand is 12ft and consists of two tables (ordinarily arranged in an L-shape), and the largest standard size is 18ft, composed of three tables (often arranged in a U-shape).

Larger areas, for example, those intended for furniture, are priced according to how much space is required. It’s also important to note that exhibitors cannot affix anything to the walls or windows of a venue, as this is strictly prohibited by the venues themselves.

How does it all work on the day of a fair?

For most venues, we allow up to two hours for trader set-up before the fair opens to the public. Some venues warrant a little bit more set-up time, in which case we allow for up to two-and-a-half hours. The time before this allows us to prepare the exhibition hall for the day’s event.

During this “trader set-up time”, only staff, exhibitors and their assistants can be permitted into the room, in accordance with health and safety regulations. Once the fair is open to the public, all stands must remain “open for business” until the official closing time (generally 5:30pm).

This sounds great! How can I book?

Once you’ve read all the information here, the very first step is to make sure you also attend at least one of our events as a visitor, so you can get a sense of the atmosphere and decide whether our fairs are a good match for you.

You can decide which venues and dates you’d like to visit or enquire about booking by visiting our Events Schedule. Then, please use our New Trade Enquiries Form to get in touch.

We’ll come back to you as soon as we can with any additional information you might need, such as pricing information and the standard terms and conditions of booking a stand. You can then decide what size stand you might like, and we can check the availability for the fairs you’re interested in. Voilà!

Can I advertise or sell something on this website?

At present, listing items on the website is by invitation only and is available only to those who have already participated in a number of our offline events.

I sell food/beverages; can I do so at these events?

Generally speaking, our events are held indoors at venues that have their own food and beverage facilities; as a result, we are unable to take bookings from food and beverage vendors. That said, why not take a look at our Upcoming Events and if you see an outdoor event on the schedule, you can always get in touch with us.

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