Covid-19 Necessitated Terms & Conditions for Exhibitors

As with all aspects of life, Covid-19 has necessitated some changes to the manner in which the fairs generally operate. For the time being, therefore, the following conditions will apply to upcoming events, in addition to the standard terms and conditions for exhibitors.



In order to facilitate the required amount of physical distancing, our usual room layouts will have to be altered. To facilitate this, available stand sizes have been reduced to a maximum of two tables. Floorspace will still be available for furniture stands so as not to exclude them from taking part.


In many cases, these tables will be “straight along” rather than L-shaped, and standholders’ established positions within a room will be maintained as much as possible. L-shaped stands will generally only be used at the end of walls and where it is beneficial to help in guiding visitors around corners, ensuring they have the opportunity to visit every stand in the fair. This is not only to increase the amount of room available in the main aisles but also to avoid creating small spaces between aisles in which visitors may inadvertently congregate in clusters. For standholders’ own sense of security, they may bring a small card table of their own (e.g. 2ft x 2ft) to place behind wall stands. The space in front of all stands must be kept clear to facilitate distancing.


Please adhere to the directions given in any signage or markings used to encourage physical distancing throughout the fair.


In addition, we require traders and visitors to wear face coverings or masks in accordance with current legistlation. Face coverings may be transparent “face shields” which some people prefer where they have an allergy or similar reason that masks are not a viable option for them. While wearing a mask does not directly protect you, it does protect everyone around you, and inversely, it is the masks of others which keep you safe. It is for the health and wellbeing of your fellow traders and fair-goers, therefore, that you will be required to wear a face-covering (mask or shield) at all times while in the exhibition room.


Masks should be worn so as to cover the mouth and nose in order to be effective. We will ask you to bring your own mask/shield if possible; however, we will have a few disposable masks on-hand should you forget (these are limited and must also be made available to fair-goers, so please do try to bring your own). Be aware that some outlets sell disposal masks that offer “filtration” but are not marked “fluid-resistant” and therefore do not offer any protection against airborne droplets or aerosols.


Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be available, as on all business premises, however, we suggest you bring a small amount yourself for use between serving customers and handling objects. You will also be offered gloves for this purpose, however, the reality of disposable gloves is that they tend to fit 10% of the population perfectly and be a nuisance for everyone else, so don’t expect a perfect fit! Be aware that gloves may be powdered (corn starch or similar) or unpowered, and may make use of latex. As such, those with allergies may wish to provide their own gloves. Gloves will be limited, so please only take one pair per person.


In order to keep an accurate count of the people in the room(s) and maximise the number of visitors we can accomodate, stands are currently limited to one trader only during fair times (partners, assistants etc. allowed during set-up and take-down, but not during fair times).
When this is relaxed, we may still need to know in advance if standholders are attending alone or will be accompanied (this includes children!). You will be asked to ensure anyone accompanying you wears a mask and adheres to all distancing measures as you would yourself.


Some visitors will prefer to pay by credit/debit card rather than cash, now more than ever. If you do not currently have a card machine but are interested in acquiring one, read about our discount with “SumUp” brand machines here.


Finally, but somewhat less certain, is the possibility that crowd limitations will require us to limit the number of people present in the room at any one time. In order to do this, any or all upcoming events may become pre-ticketed, with staggered times of entry for the public. We have the facility to do this, and are fully prepared for the eventuality should it become necessary at any time under the ever-evolving guidelines and restrictions.


These conditions will apply to all upcoming fairs for the time being, in addition to the standard terms and conditions for exhibitors. That being the case, please only book on the understanding that these measures may be in place at the fair.

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