Advertising Guidelines

The Vendors section of the “Vintage Ireland” mobile app is designed to help fair-goers, antiques and vintage enthusiasts and collectors find businesses, traders, sights and services likely to be of interest to them. Businesses eligible for inclusion in this section of the app include:

Antiques traders, vintage traders, collectables traders, fine art galleries, auctioneers, antique-, collectables- and vintage-themed sights and services, based within Ireland and/or the UK.


In order to make this section of the app relevant to the user’s primary interests, we cannot host advertisements concerning:

Reproduction-based trading businesses, modern-made products or designs, modern fashions (including vintage-inspired or vintage-style fashions), businesses based outside of Ireland or the UK.


What should my advert include?

Advertisements may include one image such as a logo or promotional photograph, and a business description of 30 words or less. Submissions of more than 30 words may be edited or refused by the app-owner. Adverts must also include a business or trader name, and at least one of the following: Telephone number, website, street address or Facebook/Instagram/Twitter link (business accounts only). It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure these details are correct and to inform the app-owner if these details change at any time.


What are the terms and conditions?

The app-owner reserves the right to refuse/remove any advertisement, including but not limited to advertisements and businesses deemed unsuitable for the theme or style of the application, where a conflict-of-interest may arise from hosting such an advertisement, where an advertisement may bring the app-owner into any disrepute, and/or where an advertisement fails to meet any of the conditions here described. Adverts may also be removed in the event they become unsuitable (e.g. the nature of the business advertised changes or the advertiser ceases trading). In the event of an advertisement being removed by the app owner after it has commenced running, pro-rata refund of unexpired months will be issued (see advertising costs below).

Images accompanying adverts may depict objects, logos or people, however, the app-owner reserves the right to refuse any image or content that may be deemed inappropriate for a general audience or which would contravene the law of any country in which the app is available. Advertising images should be of sufficient quality to be clearly visible to app-users. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that they have the necessary usage rights for any image used. Where an image is refused for any reason, an alternative image may be requested, however, the advertiser also reserves the right to refuse the advertisement entirely.


How much does it cost?

The cost of advertisement hosting depends on which month of the service commences, and all adverts will run until 31st December of that year. A renewal fee will be due in the month of December in order to continue running the advert into the following year. You will receive a reminder when renewal is due. This fee is payable by cheque or Paypal only upon approval of the advertisement. Adverts not renewed will be removed at the year’s end.


Services Commence Cost Services End / Due for Renewal
January, February or March €40 31st December
April, May or June €35 31st December
July, August or September €30 31st December
October, November or December €25 31st December


Please note: It is not possible to book or schedule advertising in advance (for example, to pay in March for an advert to run only throughout December, etc.)


Antiques Fairs Ireland & Vintage Ireland Regular Exhibitors

Special rates are available where an advertiser has exhibited at five or more Antiques Fairs Ireland & Vintage Ireland events within the previous calendar year and is eligible to continue exhibiting at our events. In deference to those traders who meet these criteria, discounts cannot be applied where the advertiser has not participated in at least five such events and/or is not eligible to exhibit in the future.