Trade Discounts

Card Machines:

SumUp is offering €24 off the price of their card readers with the following referral code: 

At the present moment, this €24 discount leaves you with only €15 to pay to purchase their SumUp Air model.

SumUp’s machines are pay-per-use machines, meaning there is no monthly fee and you are only charged a percentage of the sale you’ve just made (1.69% UK / 2.75% ROI). Naturally, this is quite handy for occasional traders who may not use their machines for some weeks.

Please note, in order to sign up for a card reader, you may need to satisfy some requirements of SumUp, such as showing receipts evidencing your business as a trader (we can supply receipts for your stand costs which may be helpful).

You will need a smartphone to operate the machine (unless you purchase the more expensive SumUp 3G model). The currency of your machine will be that of your country of registration (ie. EUR/GBP) and multi-currency machines are not available. To better decide if you might benefit or be able to use such a machine, see SumUp’s Help Section.


While this information is correct at the time of writing, be sure to verify all details with the discount provider before making an order/purchase.