Online Shopping Terms & Conditions

Our online shop is intended to help out traders and fair-goers during the present Covid-19 pandemic by offering a means to continue what we feel is more than mere shopping and is, in fact, a fulfilling part of many people’s lifestyle. Many regular fair-goers and traders alike have been with us since we first started in 1989, and in that time, we have formed a community of likeminded, curiosity-driven people who have bonded over a mutual love of history, numismatics, finely-crafted items and more. For that reason, we would like to continue putting regular fair-goers in touch with the traders they already know and trust.


With that in mind, please bear in mind that we are not a conventional online shop. Our shop is intended to be a proxy for real-life, in-person transactions at fairs. Vendors involved in the shop must already be known to us and have exhibited at more than one fair in the past. Our ideal buyer is also someone who is familiar with the fairs and perhaps already knows many of the traders from whom they might buy. As a result, we are simply providing the medium and the online space at which traders and buyers can meet, and we offer no form of mediation or interference in the process.

Our shop is founded on that trust and we hope this is what will make it different from conventional online purchasing of unseen goods from unknown persons. We encourage you to get in touch with the vendor if you are seriously considering a purchase and to ask any questions that you feel relevant; however, please bear in mind that the traders themselves are not primarily online salespeople and replies may be slightly delayed in comparison. If you have a problem with the item in question, please contact the trader (with civility and politeness) and try to seek resolution directly. As we are not the vendor for any of the products listed, we cannot arrange refunds or returns and will not be liable for same in the event that such is deemed necessary.