“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” Mae West

Author: Ursula Dempsey

In addition to contributing to this blog I also write mymarilynmoments, a blog inspired by the wisdom and words of Golden Hollywood. I also run a styling business, zeldazonkstyling.com, that operates under the guiding principle of finding the best 'style for your style.'

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February 12, 2014


The Sidecar, the Martini, the Manhattan, the Old-fashioned. Their very names conjure up images of smoky rooms, white tablecloths, long satin gloves, feathers , furs and glamorous times. Nothing can take you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary like a cocktail. When you hold a frosted cocktail, a highball or a Collins glass you know things are ‘going to get bumpy’ for a little while. And then that first taste, so delicate, so delightful. Like the snap of the magician’s fingers – on command you automatically unwind. You savour the sublime mix of contrasting flavours – the treacle-like sweetness of the maraschino cherry at odds with the bitters in one of my personal favourites, the Manhattan.  And then if the occasion calls for it the nibbles. The toothpick, your fork, as you slide the cherry, the olive, the onion between your teeth and lips. Then you toss the bare nude pick back into the glass where it dances about the rim signalling to the bar tender it’s time for another. You watch the preparations. The cutting, the pouring, the shaking, the draining. Et voila. your drink is ready. Your hand caresses the glass fingers close to the lip. You bring your lips in as if to kiss the glass. A sip. The vodka, gin or whiskey travels south and you journey with it feeling its warmth as it meanders through the alimentary canal before settling in the stomach, the seat of so many emotions bringing about a flushness or a fullness as we exude warmth, passion, gaiety.  Life is no longer about work or bills; it is about glamour, frivolity and having fun.

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