Putting together a prize winning outfit : by Lute Al Raad

Author: Joan Murray

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April 4, 2014

Anyone thinking  of entering the Best Dressed competition at the Vintage Fashion and Decor Fair would do well to read these words of advice from former winner Lute Al Raad.. and incidentally, much of her advice holds true for any event where style is important. Read on.. this is a lady who obviously knows her vintage and has style smarts in abundance.

Putting Together a Prize Winning Vintage Outfit – at Vintage Ireland

So I went to my second Vintage Ireland “Fashion & Decor Fair” back in November, and this time I won the best-dressed prize! I’ve been meaning to share some photos from the event; but things just have been very busy with my shop and new projects, I’ve even started designing and sewing my own things again. Now that the new social season (!! I know, social season) has begun and the next fair is less than a week away, I feel it could be a good time for this post, and to put in a few tips towards dressing for a vintage events like this.The dress that I wore was a 1950s-1960s cotillion/prom style chiffon formal gown in sea foam green, unlabelled but possibly a Sylvia Ann creation (I’ve since seen a near identical gown marked 1950s and with an original Sylvia Ann tag). Because of a restoration that was done on the dress prior to my acquisition of it, the skirt is slightly slimmer than its original late 1950s/early 1960s full-skirted look. Read More….

John Coveney Photography

John Coveney Photograpy

John Coveney Photography

John Coveney Photography

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